Retreat 2018

renew... rejuvenate

Immerse yourself in nurturing activities that replenish your soul, increase your joy and ease your stress.


Joanne Fagerstrom

The Feldenkrais Method uses gentle, slow movement to explore ways of moving with greater ease. You will be verbally guided through deceptively simple movements while lying on the floor. The rich use of imagery will help you feel the interconnectedness of the whole body, resulting in a deeper sense of relaxation and body awareness.


Pamela Hipp

Reiki can help us enjoy our greatest possible health and well-being by reducing stress and inflammation, and supporting the body's innate healing ability. Reiki can help relieve pain, release stored emotions, encourage personal growth, cultivate inner peace, and enhance focus and clarity. Learn the different ways Reiki can be a self-care strategy for you.


Wendy Romig

Nutrition is key to enhancing health and preventing illness. Modern science now links countless conditions to dietary excesses and deficiencies. What we put into our bodies at every snack and every meal has a direct influence on our health. Learn a 'food first' approach to healing. Become empowered to embrace a more natural path to optimal health.


Shelley Zeichner

Heal the mind = heal the body. Heal the body = heal the mind. The mind-body connection is real. Meditation and the mind-body connection is also real. Like building any muscle in the body, meditation is a practice that transforms your entire physiology over time. As physical and emotional softening occurs, you begin to view life in new and expanded ways.


Saturday, April 7. 2018
Time: 9:30 am - 1:30 pm


The Bone Health Center
Wyndhill Professional Center
8200 Flourtown Avenue, Suite 14
Wyndmoor, PA 19038
(Google Maps)


$75.00 - payment must be received by March 25, 2018


Snacks and cold beverage provided.
You are welcome to bring lunch.


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Joanne Fagerstrom
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