About Me


Joanne Fagerstrom has been a physical therapist since 1978 and is the owner of Mindful Physical Therapy, LLC, in Wyndmoor, PA.  She specializes in treating patients with osteoporosis, chronic pain and orthopedic problems.  Joanne places a strong emphasis on wellness in her treatment programs, and her additional training in the Feldenkrais Method (completed in 2004) adds a unique dimension to her practice of physical therapy.  Using a variety of manual therapy techniques, body awareness education and exercise instruction, her aim is to help each person acheive their greatest potential for function, health and wellness.

It was Joanne's desire to expand her repertoire of skills in the practice of physical therapy that led her to the Feldenkrais Method in 2001.  The unexpected but immensely gratifying result, was a profound improvement in the quality of her own life.  Since then, Joanne has focused much of her career on teaching the Feldenkrais Method to others.

Joanne has also expanded her work with people who have chronic pain, including those with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy).  She is trained in the John Barnes Myofascial Release Approach ®.

In 2009, after being diagnosed with osteoporosis, Joanne began the research and development of her comprehensive bone health program. She works with her patients both on an individual basis and in her weekly Super Bones exercise classes. The latest information in the field of osteoporosis is presented in an annual workshop called Taking Charge of Your Bone Health.